July 28, 2017

This Is Us

After a pretty busy first half of the summer, we’ve finally got a little break from work this week.  As much as I LOVE doing portrait sessions, it has been so nice to be able to just sit, relax, and enjoy the summer.  But since it’s Friday and I don’t have any new work to blog, I figured I’d do a twist on Instagram’s #FridayIntroductions.  If you’ve stopped by the Meet Samantha page of my website, you already know some things about me.  Now it’s time to get to know the rest of the family, because chances are that if you book a session, you’ll probably get to meet them too!


Caleb is, to put it briefly, the hardest-working, most-supportive, most-easy-going person I’ve ever met.  During the day, Caleb works as a physical therapist at the VA Medical Center here in Syracuse.  He loves his job and getting to work with and serve the veterans.  At home, he is always ready to help, whether it be mowing the yard, washing some dishes, or playing with Elizabeth while I make dinner.  It doesn’t matter how hard or long his day has been, he always comes through the door with a smile on his face.  It’s one of the things I love most about him!  Here are some quick facts you should know about Caleb:

  1. The man can whistle.  And he’s good.  Pretty much any time Caleb’s in a good mood, he’ll be whistling a tune.  
  2. His favorite food is cheese and crackers.  It makes preparing his birthday dinner pretty easy.  Just pack a picnic and head to the park and he’ll be happy!
  3. He makes a mean pancake!  On the weekends he’s not working, Caleb’s main job is cooking breakfast for us.  Let me tell you, once you’ve had one of his pancakes made from scratch, you’ll never go back to Bisquick again! 
  4. Caleb’s actually a really great photographer.  He’s always had a good eye for composition, and recently he’s been learning the technical aspects of shooting (manual mode, lenses, etc.).  Potential second shooter?  Me thinks yes!


Ok, now on to the cutest member of our family: Elizabeth!  I don’t know where to start with her, because there is just too much to say!  This girl has changed our lives for the better a thousand times over.  She is a constant source of laughter in a sometimes stressful world.  She loves us consistently, no matter what our moods.  She’s the perfect mixture of each of us, yet completely her own little person!  If you can’t tell, I absolutely adore her!  Before I get too mushy-gushy, here are some quick facts about Elizabeth:

  1. Her favorite food is cheese and crackers.  It seems she got more from her daddy than just his good looks. 
  2. She loves to run.  “Ready, set, go!” is a common phrase around our house.  She loves playing chase, and if you come over for a visit, there’s a good chance she’ll make you have a race with her!
  3. Her current obsession is buckles.  On her high chair, in her car seat, in her stroller… You name it, she’ll buckle it!  She even tried buckling a stranger’s back pack when we were in Boston last weekend! 
  4. Elizabeth loves animals, especially birds (or “quack quacks” as she calls them), bunnies, and our pet fish, Gill. 

So that’s my little family.  That was a much longer post than usual, but what can I say?  I love them!

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