October 27, 2017

Elizabeth’s Two Year Photos!

Syracuse, New York

On Saturday our sweet Elizabeth Mae turned two!  I definitely had a few mommy moments where I thought “this can’t possibly be right, wasn’t she just a baby last week?!”  But two she turned and truth be told…we’re loving it!  Don’t get me wrong, I can see why the nickname “terrible twos” exists, but I’ve found that this stage is far more exciting (and entertaining) than any other!  If the hashtag #terrifictwos isn’t trending yet, it will be by the end of the year! 😛

Of course, I had to take Elizabeth for some quick two year photos.  So we headed out to Green Lakes for a quick shoot after Caleb got home from work one evening.  Earlier this summer, I had stumbled upon a field with tons of tall grass and wildflowers and I finally had an excuse to shoot there!  Elizabeth had so much fun running through the field and checking out the different types of flowers.  She brought along her favorite baby doll, so Baby’s in the photos, too!  (Note to parents: Allowing your child to hold on to their favorite toys during a session isn’t always a bad thing!) 

Here’s some things about our favorite two year old:

  • Her favorite color is blue!  She always asks to use her blue cup and blue plate at every meal.  This means Mommy spends a lot of time washing said dishware.
  • Her favorite toy is her baby doll.  She brings it everywhere!  She also has a favorite blankie and bunny, but they are more for snuggling than playing with.
  • Her favorite song is Baby Beluga by Raffi.  I grew up listening to this song back in the 90’s and we found the CD at a local library.  Elizabeth’s been hooked ever since and if you’re around her long enough you’ll definitely hear her shout “BABY A LUGA!!!” at least once.  (Fun fact: She used to pronounce it “baby yoda,” which was extra entertaining to listen to.)
  • She loves to be outside and loves to be barefoot.  
  • She definitely has a servant’s heart.  “Pease help you!!” is one of the most frequently heard lines around our house.  
  • She got her Mommy’s sweet tooth and loves to help me bake.  The other day we were making shortbread cookies and after every stir of the spoon she stuck her finger in and said, “Oh, that’s good, Mommy!”  She probably ate about a quarter of the dough!  
  • She can count to eleven!  However, it’s often out of order and usually goes something along the lines of, “one, two, three, four, five, eight, nine, four, eleven!”  At least 1-5 are consistent! 

We love this sweet girl more than we could ever imagine!  Here’s to the terrific twos! 

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