November 3, 2017

Finding My Why

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When I first started my business, there were a lot of things I needed to do that I had never done before (or sometimes even heard of before).  There were mission statements to write, business plans to prepare, tax information to file…  But before I did any of that, someone told me to find my Why.   Why did I want to start a photography business? What do I love about my job? Who do I hope to serve as a photographer? To be honest, at that point I didn’t have the answers to some of those questions… I just knew that I loved taking photos. Well, this week I finally sat down and made it a point to revisit those questions. 

Digging deep into the basis for why this business exists was incredibly eye-opening!  It reminded me that there is a end-goal much greater than just delivering beautiful images.  Today I’m excited to share the answers to some of those questions with you!  

Why is it that I do what I do?

I believe that every person was created with a purpose and that each life is meaningful in its own way.  In my photography, I strive to capture the beauty that’s within each person so that my clients can see the beauty and meaning in their lives as well.

What do I want to be known for?

I want to be known for vibrant, joyful images that capture the true nature of who my clients are!  I hope to create images that exude light and laughter.  I want to be known for creating an experience that goes beyond the images delivered.  From the first inquiry to the session itself to the final image gallery, I want my clients to feel welcomed and valued. 

What excites me about my job?

Two of my most favorite things are spending time with my family and making new friends.  Photography allows me to do both!  I love that I am able to work from home and spend more time with my husband and daughter.  I also love that this job enables me to meet and get to know people I’ve never met!  Photography also allows me to get a glimpse into my clients’ lives – usually in some of their most intimate moments.  Getting to tell their story from that perspective is such a privilege!

What does success look like/feel like to me?

I want my work to be a blessing to my clients both in the quality of the images delivered and in the experience that they have! I want to deliver high-quality images that accurately tell the story of who they are and what is happening in their life.  My clients should walk away from their experience with me feeling more joyful and more confident than they were before the session.

My Why Statement

Ultimately, I haven’t been able to sum all this up into a concise “Why Statement.”  (It took me 10 months just to answer the questions, so what did you expect?!) I did, however, learn a whole bunch about my true heart behind this project.  What started out as a half-fledged dream has grown into a much deeper passion than I would have ever anticipated.  This exercise has reminded me of how thankful I am for the opportunity to serve my clients!

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