February 15, 2019

Why I Love My Gallery System

Why I love my gallery system, Samantha Ludlow Photography, Syracuse photographer, Rochester photographer


As the owner of Samantha Ludlow Photography, I want my clients to have a great experience from the time they book to when they download their final images.  That is one of the reasons I include an online gallery of images in every package I offer!  Today I’m talking about the gallery system that I use, why I love it, and why you will love it too!

As I mentioned above, all of my packages include an online gallery.  I greatly prefer this system over CDs and custom USB drives because it’s faster and more convenient!  I don’t have to worry about packaging and mailing your images to you.  You don’t have to worry about storing (or losing) the CD or flash drive once it arrives.  With an online gallery, you can download your image to your hard drive with a click of a button, the same day that I send them to you!

Last year, I made the switch to using Pass Galleries for my gallery system and I love it.  There are so many great features of the Pass system, but here are a few favorites:

  • All of the galleries are PRIVATE which means that only people you invite can see the images!
  • I can divide your gallery into folders for easier viewing.  This is great for wedding galleries, as it can be overwhelming to view all the images at once!  Since I sort the images by event (ex. ceremony images, reception images), it makes it so much easier to find specific photos.
  • You can mark “favorites” to make it easier to share or download a specific selection of images.
  • You can order professional prints, canvases, and cards directly through your gallery.  No more downloading and then uploading to a separate site.  Plus, everything can be shipped directly to you!
  • When you download images, you have the ability to download both high and low resolution files.  This means you’ll have the top quality images for printing, but also have smaller files for sharing in emails and on social media.
  • The galleries themselves are beautiful and make viewing your images easy and enjoyable.


Using Pass for my gallery system has made things so much easier for me as the photographer!  Plus, my clients have found it easy to use as well.  For me, that’s a no brainer!





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