Lifestyle Newborn Session

April 18, 2019

Samuel – Lifestyle Newborn Session

Syracuse, New York

One of my favorite things about maternity and newborn sessions is that I often get to follow my clients through multiple seasons of life.  I first photographed Nick and Amanda two years ago when their son, Johnny, was born.  Today I’m sharing newborn photos of their second little boy who just arrived a few weeks ago!  It’s so special to be able to watch families grow!

Little Sammy is such a precious newborn.  He was so content and peaceful the entire session!  In fact, I didn’t hear him utter a single sound until the last five minutes!  (This is one reason that I recommend doing newborn sessions when the baby is 2 weeks old or less.  They sleep so well and we can get a lot more out of our time together!)

Having just gone from a family of three to a family of four myself, it was great to talk with Nick and Amanda about the transition.  They were already commenting on how different their two boys were, which I can totally relate with!  It’s funny how much you expect your second child to be just like their older siblings.  I was totally thrown off when Abbie had different sleeping and eating patterns than Elizabeth.  Nick and Amanda commented that Sammy was actually an easier newborn than Johnny, which is definitely a blessing!

And speaking of siblings, Johnny is such a precious toddler!  He wasn’t too interested in hanging out with his baby brother, but he LOVED saying “cheese” for the camera.  At two years old, I didn’t expect him to sit through an hour of photos, so after getting a few shots of the entire family of four, Johnny was able to relax and play while we finished up.  This worked out so well because it meant that Johnny was in a good mood in case we had to pull him for a few additional photos.  It also meant that I could grab some candid images of him playing!

Nick and Amanda, thank you so much for letting me document this time for you!  Congratulations on another sweet boy!



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