Family Session

July 25, 2019

The Polly Family

Syracuse, New York

Last week, I met up with Kathleen, Dave, and Aiden to capture some new family photos! The last time I had seen these guys, Aiden was only a few days old, so it was such a surprise to see a full-grown TODDLER running around!

I love working with the Pollys because we always have fun during their photos. There’s always a lot for us to talk about, but this year the real fun came in chasing Aiden!

I always start my family sessions by taking a group family photo. That way we have a good shot of the whole family when everyone is still clean and the kids aren’t melting down. After we’ve gotten those shots, I let kids run around a bit and explore. Parents are always surprised when I say that the kids can get down and run, but it makes the session go so much better! The kids are happier and I get much more genuine images!

The Pollys decided to do their photos in Franklin Square, which is a GREAT place for toddlers. The area is pretty quiet, there’s not much traffic, and there’s tons of different areas for them to explore and wander. This year, Aiden took us all over the park! We started by the fountain and ended up by the creek, in the gardens, and around the walkways. It was a blast, and I discovered some new areas with beautiful golden light!

Here are my favorite moments from the Polly’s Franklin Square family session!

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