Family Session

September 13, 2019

The Nannas – Family Session at Franklin Square

Syracuse, New York

Today I’m sharing photos of one of my favorite families! I’ve been photographing these guys since Teal was pregnant with Kash two years ago. As always, I love watching my client’s families grow! Today I’m sharing their family session at Franklin Square Park!

While I’ve worked with Teal, Tom, and Kash before for their maternity session, newborn session, and 6 month session, this year’s session was quite different! Now that Kash is 20 months old, he moves like crazy! I had the best time chasing him ALL around the park. He is so curious and wanted to explore everything. Teal said that even at home, he is very busy and doesn’t like to sit in one place for too long.

When working with kids this age, photo sessions are all about play. After I get a few classic family portraits, I let the kids get down and run around. Having a three-year-old and one-year-old of my own, I know how busy toddlers can be! My philosophy when photographing them is to give a few prompts to the parents (“hold hands and walk towards me”), but mostly to let them explore. This allows kids to be themselves and keeps them smiling throughout the session. It also allows me to capture the kids as they truly are in this stage of life!

For the Nanna’s session, we ran all around the park at Franklin Square. Kash threw pebbles with Tom and looked at leaves with Teal. Towards the end, they discovered a fun game of throwing a toy into the fountain and then getting it back. After each throw, Kash would cheer and it actually made for some really sweet portraits! I never know what is going to happen at family sessions with young kids, but that is really part of the fun!

One fun aspect of photographing this family over the years is getting to watch their family grow! Teal and Tom are expecting another little boy this winter and we just had to get a few belly shots. I can’t wait to see what their family photos will look like next year!

Here are my favorite moments from the Nanna’s family session at Franklin Square!

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