Lifestyle Newborn Session

September 19, 2019

Evy – Lifestyle Newborn Session

Manlius, New York

You might recognize the people in these photos and that’s because I photographed them just a few months ago. Sweet Evy and her family are back on the blog, this time for their in-home newborn session!

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog for a while, you might know that I offer both in hospital newborn sessions, called Fresh 48s. and sessions in the home. (I actually wrote a whole blog comparing the two, if you want to learn more!) While both sessions focus on the newborn, there are a few major differences. Fresh 48 sessions tend to be much more journalistic and emotional as the baby has literally just arrived! In-home newborn sessions are a bit more relaxed and laid back since you’re at home in your own environment.

Janet and Dan decided to do a combination of both sessions and I’m so glad! I shot their Fresh 48 session back in July when Evy was one day old. This was such a sweet time for them adjusting to having two kids and it shows in their photos! Plus, I got to capture their older daughter, Selah, meeting Evy for the first time. Definitely priceless.

When it came time for the in-home session, we decided to wait a few months. This gave them time to find their new groove as a family and let Selah get more comfortable with the baby. Plus, in the few months that passed, Evy grew so much that it was almost like photographing a different baby! I love seeing how much Evy has changed and how her personality is starting to show through. I also ADORE how Selah really came out of her shell during the in-home photos!

This session is full of baby snuggles, baby kisses, and baby smiles. It really truly is just precious and I can’t wait to share these images today!

Here are my favorite moments from Evy’s in-home newborn session!

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