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November 1, 2019

Amanda & Jason – Engagement Session at the Camillus Erie Canal Park

Camillus, New York

This has been a major editing week for me! I’ve been working on three sessions and a wedding, so needless to say, I’ve spent hours looking at my computer this week. It may sound rough, but the truth is that when the session is this gorgeous, the work comes easily! Amanda and Jason’s engagement session at the Camillus Erie Canal Park was one of my favorite engagement sessions yet!

Amanda and Jason will be tying the knot at the end of December this year (yay!), so when we started talking about their engagement session, I knew we’d have to schedule it soon. With both of our schedules being busy, the only time we could both make it was a Saturday morning. Unlike my typical evening session, morning sessions start at or just before sunrise. I gave Amanda and Jason so much credit for being up that early!!!

In the morning, the light is the softest just as the session is beginning and becomes harsher and harsher as the session goes on. This means that I had to get these guys warmed up and used to the camera right away. Well let me tell you, these guys ROCKED it! They were SO easy to pose, smiled genuinely, and laughed naturally. By the end of the session I was literally wondering if they’d modeled before!

One of my favorite features of this session – other than the beautiful fall colors and lovely couple – is all the mist! Since the Canal Park has plenty of water, there was a soft blanket of mist all around us. This just adds an extra element of “fall” to the images and creates such a dreamy look! The photos of Amanda and Jason on the bridge are really showcase this and I LOVE it!!

Here are my favorite moments from Amanda and Jason’s engagement session at the Camillus Erie Canal Park!

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