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November 15, 2019

All About Albums!

I have always taken a quiet approach when it comes to print sales. After all, I truly believe you should be able to do what you want with your images once they’re delivered. But if there’s one thing you absolutely should be doing with them, it’s display them!!! Albums are one of the best ways to preserve your memories and share them with others.

The Tragedy of the Digital Age

We live in a world where so much of our “lives” happen online. Our communication, our entertainment, and many of our jobs all happen over a screen. This can be a really good thing! But when it comes to photography, this electronic way of living life often translates to images left on flash drives or hard drives for years. Never printed. Never shared, except on social media.

Friends, this is such a tragedy! If you are willing to invest in having professional photos taken, then why not display them for others to see? Images shared online are great, but they eventually get buried in your news feed or profile and are forgotten about. Images displayed in print are there every day to remind you of that moment.

Still need some persuading? Think of it this way… In 50 years when you want to show your grandchildren images from your wedding or photographs from the day their mother was born, are you going to pull up your Facebook feed from 2019? Are you going to say, “Hold on a sec while I find that old hard drive and plug it in?” Odds are, probably not. But you can grab the silver frame from off the mantle or open your wedding album and tell them the whole story. You can put an image in their hands to look over and explore. That’s something that digital images simply cannot do.

My Favorite Way to Display Photos

I am a huge fan of prints. If you’ve ever been to our house, you’ll notice that there’s a frame (or multiple frames) on every wall. (You can read all about the importance of print and how I came to have so many frames here!) Prints are excellent for showcasing the “Best of the Best,” but what about the other images you received for your wedding or portrait session? You can’t possibly frame all of them!

Enter: Heirloom albums.

Albums are wonderful because you can display hundreds of images in one location. They allow you to tell an entire story, not just showcase one moment. When I design a wedding album, I start with bridal details and cover the entire day, right through to the dancing. When you flip through the pages, you feel as if you’re reliving that wedding day all over again!

In addition to be comprehensive, albums are relatively small. Instead of taking up tons of space, the images all fit in one box! And, with albums you don’t have to worry about your photos getting lost or crumpled since they’re all encased in their own protective book. There are so many benefits!

Why I LOVE Kiss Albums

I source all of my albums through Kiss Books. While the name might sound cheesy, the books are STUNNING! Everything about these albums is meant to last. From the cover materials, to the way they print the pages, to the glue and binding they use – it’s all designed to make them last for generations. These are truly heirlooms!

Some of my favorite features of Kiss albums are:

  • Multiple cover options. They have everything from leather, to fine linen, to silk and suede…
  • Custom design. I personally design each album for my clients so no album is the same!
  • Easy client review. Before I order your album, I always show you the draft and allow you to give feedback or make changes.
  • Lay flat, thick pages. These won’t wear, fold, or crease. And they lay flat so that you never loose an image in the fold!
  • Storage box. I order a simple storage box for every client album to protect your book when it’s not on display.

The Bottom Line About Albums

I know that not every one of my clients is going to order an album. That’s totally fine. The purpose of me sharing this with you today is to get you thinking about how you’re going to share the images you invested so much in. Whether its though prints, canvases, or an heirloom album make sure they are accessible so that you and your family can enjoy them for years to come! That is, after all, the entire point of taking a photograph!

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