February 7, 2020

2020 Goals!

Pennellville, New York

Last week I shared about starting this year by taking a Business Refresh course with Kerri Lynne Education. I loved sharing my main take-away and the images from the styled shoot with you, but today I’d like to dig down deeper into my 2020 goals!

Yes, I know that we are already well into the new year, but writing out concrete goals really helps me to stay focused over the course of the year. Right now it’s my “off season” and my mind is mostly together, but come September I’ll be so engulfed in weddings it will be easy to loose track of priorities if they aren’t written down!

So, for the sake of accountability (and so that you can get excited with me!)…

Here are some of my 2020 goals!

  1. Get more creative with my detail shots! I absolutely love shooting details and I’m ready to move beyond the basics. This year, I want to incorporate more layers, find ways to showcase more than one detail together, and start doing flat-lays!
  2. Take one night portrait at each wedding. This will add variety to my couples’ gallery and increase my off-camera flash skills!
  3. Finish my Bridal Guide and send it to all new couples. Somehow this always gets pushed under the rug, but this is the year that I finish it!
  4. Host Mini Sessions at the Farm. I’m not sure if this will be in the spring or fall or both, but I’d love to serve my SLP Families this way!
  5. Show MY face more on social media. Guys, I’ll admit that I almost never get in front of the camera, but I’d like to make my page a little more personal, and that starts by sharing more about myself!
  6. Invest in some new gear. I’ve built this business by slowing investing in gear as I could afford it. This year I’m hoping to add a new camera body and possibly a new lens to the line-up!
  7. Invest in my education. I’m excited about this one! This year, Caleb and I will be attending a marriage retreat for couples in business together, which should help us to fine-tune how we work together and help us better balance life with a business. We are also planning on attending more in-person workshops. While I love an online course, I’ve been really fortunate to have found some great local teachers that we can learn from as well!

This is not all of my goals for the year (that list is nearly four pages long and very specific), but it shows a little bit of where my heart is heading in terms of this business.

When we made our family goals, we also picked a theme word to guide us throughout the year. This year our word was “PLAY” and I think it applies here too! This year, instead of just hustling, I’m looking forward to boosting my creativity and having fun with my clients! Here’s to 2020!

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