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March 5, 2020

Vendor Spotlight: Windridge Estate – RedBarn20

Cazenovia, New York

I’m introducing a new blog series today and I couldn’t be more excited! Over the past few years I’ve built friendships with a number of area vendors and thought it would be fun to spotlight their businesses here. Every few weeks I’ll be doing a “Vendor Spotlight” highlighting one local wedding vendor and talking about their business. To start off the series, I’m featuring stunning wedding venue, Windridge Estate – RedBarn20!

Windridge is owned and operated by sisters, MaryBeth Romagnoli and Ann Duffy, and it’s one of my FAVORITE local venues! It provides a quintessential country barn setting (just look at the views below) with a completely custom and luxury experience. MaryBeth and Ann care deeply about each couple they work with and it shows in the wedding experience that they’ve created!

Some quick features that Windridge offers include:

  • Exclusive use of the property for your entire wedding weekend!
  • Two fully renovated barns (including heaters, a separate catering prep area, and newly renovated bathrooms).
  • A beautiful bluestone patio with gas fire pit and seating.
  • Tables and chairs for up to 200 guests and access to a curated collection of vintage furniture pieces.
  • On-site ceremony location with stunning views of Oneida and Cazenovia Lakes!
  • A four-bedroom ensuite guest cottage included in the wedding weekend.

In September I sat down with MaryBeth to learn more about the business of owning a wedding venue. I LOVED all that she had to say!

Here is an excerpt from my interview with MaryBeth!

SLP: How did you get into the wedding venue business?

MaryBeth: It was an opportunity to start a family business and share our property. Our barn stood unused and unrefined for decades, but was always full of potential. We began to see it as a potential resource, and besides, what’s better than a wedding?! It’s a noteworthy time in a couple’s life. Everyone is excited to see two people come together in life, and we get to share in that at every event. We have a thirst for entrepreneurship and saw a need. We have a passion for succeeding that we take seriously.

SLP: What is your favorite part about being a wedding venue owner?

MB: Seeing a couple start out life together, in the company of so many of their love ones… That never gets old! It’s the best part of what we do at Windridge.

SLP: What is something that couples should consider when choosing a wedding venue that they might not think to ask?

MB: It’s important that a couple likes their chosen venue, that the environment is comfortable, and that it speaks to them. But in any circumstance, the most important thing is the people you’re working with. That’s where we excel. We strive to go the extra mile to ensure that every wedding weekend goes smoothly and that each wedding is exceptional.

SLP: What sets Redbarn20 apart from other venues in the area?

MB: We have a unique property. We have a sensational views of Cazenovia and Oneida Lake and are located in one of America’s Coolest Small Towns. We cater to couples that want the wedding weekend and that call our venue home – welcoming family from near and far in a stress-free, multi-day celebration. And we have strong, established relationships with many caterers and service providers in the area. But our greatest strength is our Windridge Estate family, and the commitment to excellence that we bring to every celebration here. 

SLP: Redbarn20 has is an all-inclusive venue with space for getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception – even some overnight accommodations! What is the benefit to this set up?

MB: Having the Farmer’s Cottage on the property that can accommodate wedding parties serves to simplify the logistics of a wedding. While other parties work to try to figure out the car or van transport, our parties get dressed and walk next door. It’s effortless and helps limits some of the stresses of the day.

SLP: What are some of the benefits of having the indoor/outdoor space?

MB: Our indoor and outdoor venue options offer unique flexibility for couples, so they can get their special day exactly right. We can do outdoor ceremonies followed by barn receptions… or vice versa. Each couple gets to choose how they want it to be.

SLP: Any final advice for couples looking for venues?

MB: Enjoy the process. It’s easy to get distracted by the details and logistics of a wedding, but don’t lose sight of why you’re doing it. This is one of the few days that you’ll get to spend surrounded by all the people who are most important to you. Don’t let flowers and buffets distract you from that. Have fun! And let us take care of the details for you. That’s why we’re here.

Want to see more from Windridge Estate?

Here are a few of the shoots that I’ve been a part of at Windridge! The first was a Night Lighting Workshop which showcases the inside of the Red Barn and fire pit! The second was an Iceland-themed styled shoot which showcases the four-bedroom Farmer’s Cottage that couples can rent for their wedding weekend!

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