April 3, 2020

Ryan & Holly – An Intimate Wedding Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

Syracuse, New York

A month ago Ryan and Holly were eagerly anticipating their dream wedding which was scheduled to happen in Connecticut in mid-March. They had been planning for months and all the details were set. But when they started to hear reports of the coronavirus reaching the United States, things changed. As the phrase “social distancing” was entering our vocabularies, Ryan and Holly were faced with a choice: postpone their wedding entirely or have a very small ceremony here in Syracuse. They chose the latter. The result was a lovely and intimate wedding amid the coronavirus crisis.

Ryan and Holly knew they had to have the ceremony before the state went on total lock down. They made the decision on a Monday night to have the wedding the very next Saturday. Holly and Ryan got to work creating decorations, cancelling Connecticut vendors, and letting guests know that the wedding would be live-streamed instead of in-person. They were not without help, though! Their bridal party and amazing team of friends all pitched in to create an beautiful wedding in just under a week!

When Caleb and I walked into the church we were amazed at how much they had accomplished. It was beautiful! I was instantly amazed by how many details they had put together in such a short period of time. Not only did Holly think of the usual pew bows and flowers, she also hand-drew art to decorate the windows and created word games for the bridal party to do while she and Ryan were doing their portraits.

I have so many favorite moments from this wedding that I can’t possibly share them all. I loved watching Ryan’s face light up as Holly was coming down the aisle. I loved listening to Ryan’s father pray over the couple during the ceremony. I also loved our portrait time. We only had a few minutes for photos of the Bride and Groom and decided to find a location at the church that would work as a decent background. You’d never guess, but all of Ryan and Holly’s photos were done against the wall of an old shed! If you need an example of why you should trust your photographer with portrait locations, this is it!

Ryan and Holly,

We wish you every happiness as you begin your married life together! Your grace and joy amid less than perfect circumstances was something that we will always remember. We pray that your marriage is filled with the same love and joy that your wedding day was! Here’s to many happy years together!

The Ludlows

Here are my favorite moments from Ryan and Holly’s wedding day!

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