July 10, 2020

Felicia & Joe – Canandaigua Engagement Session

Canandaigua, New York

I met Felicia and Joe last May at the Bristol Harbour Bridal Show. Even in the midst of hundreds of brides, I knew that these two were meant to be an SLP couple! They were so fun and easy to talk to right from the get-go and their engagement session in Canandaigua was no different!

Felicia and Joe chose to do their engagement session at Kershaw Park. It was a hot day and the park was packed full of people picnicking and swimming. I try to begin engagement sessions in a quiet location so that there’s less pressure when we’re just getting started, but these two didn’t let the crowds bother them! In fact they were pros from the start!

One thing that I LOVED about this session was how much thought Felicia and Joe put into it! They are both big readers and wanted to incorporate books into the session in some way. After emailing back and forth over the spring, we decided to do a “picnic” of sorts, with a blanket and lots of books from their own collection. The photos we took of them on the blanket (which was hand made for Felicia by Joe’s family!) are some of my favorites!

One other thing that I love about these images is how you can really see the lake in the background. This may sound like an obvious thing, but it’s actually really hard taking photos by the water at sunset! Usually the glare is too great to really see any detail. On the day of Felicia and Joe’s session, though, the conditions were just right! The photos on the pier turned out just as I had hoped with Canandaigua Lake stretching out behind them!

Here are my favorite images from Felicia and Joe’s Canandaigua engagement session!

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