July 23, 2020

Maeve & Saman – Engagement Session at Barry Park

Syracuse, New York

You might recognize these two from their wedding blog post a few weeks back… That’s right, we’re switching it up today and featuring Maeve and Saman’s engagement session AFTER their wedding has already happened! Due to COVID-19, we had to push this session back until the week of their wedding! Despite the change in plans, Maeve and Saman were so much fun to photograph and I love these images from their engagement session at Barry Park!

This session is a classic example of why engagement sessions are so important. When restrictions due to the pandemic altered our original plans for this session, Maeve and Saman could have just skipped the whole thing. I’m so glad they didn’t! This session was my first time getting to meet Saman and gave me a chance to get to know him a bit. It also allowed me to teach them some classic poses and figure out which poses work best for them. This was so helpful on their wedding day when rain made the timeline a bit tight!

Maeve and Saman are such a genuine and sweet couple! They are easy to talk to, have lots of great stories to tell, and were naturals at posing. One of their shared hobbies is ballroom dancing, especially Latin dances, which was helpful to me because they move so naturally together! During the session, Saman shared a story about how he took solo lessons after meeting Maeve, who had been dancing for years, so that they would able to dance together. Talk about a sweet gesture!!

We spent most of this engagement session at Barry Park, which is right in Maeve and Saman’s neighborhood. As we walked the path, we ran into so many of their friends and neighbors! I love the Meadowbrook/University area of the city because it has such a welcoming neighborhood feel and this session really cemented that opinion. The final images where Maeve and Saman are walking down their own street are some of my favorites!

Here are my favorite images from Maeve and Saman’s engagement session at Barry Park!

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