August 20, 2020

The Hicks Family – Family Session at Our Farm

Pennellville, New York

I’ve taken a few weeks off from blogging to enjoy the last of the summer, but today I’m back with the SWEETEST family session! Our friends, the Hicks family, asked if they could do their family session at our farm and, of course, the answer was yes!! This session was such a pleasure to photograph and looking at the photos has had me smiling all week long!

We met Shelly and Bryan two-and-a-half years ago through our church. They had just moved to Syracuse from Oregon and hadn’t even closed on their house yet. We talked briefly at church and then kept running into them. At the YMCA. At the library. You name it! Elizabeth and their oldest daughter quickly became “best buddies” and the rest of us did as well!

The Hicks have spent the last two-and-a-half years on the opposite side of the country from their family, but they have become like family to us. From weekly playdates, to girl’s nights, to game nights, and just hanging out these guys have been a huge blessing to us! They were the people who we called at 2 am when I was in labor with Abigail and needed someone to watch Elizabeth. If that’s not a good friend, I don’t know what is!!

When Shelly asked if they could do a family session at our farm, I immediately said yes!! I have been dying to do photos here all summer and knew this would be a beautiful spot. From the barn, to the fields, to the gravel road that lines our property, you just can’t go wrong! Looking at these images makes me so excited for all the future sessions that can happen here!

There were so many wonderful moments during this session, but some of my favorites were:

  • The family photos in front of the barn.
  • The girls playing in the field.
  • Being able to incorporate Bryan’s parents into the session (grandparents with their grandkids are the sweetest!).
  • The girls running down the dirt road.

I had such a wonderful time taking these photos. Here are my favorites from this family session at our farm!

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