September 4, 2020

The Ludlow Family – Extended Family Photo Session at the Beach

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Before we all move into fall-mode and start eating all things pumpkin spice and wearing cozy sweaters, I want to post just one more summer photo session! This session took place a few months ago when Caleb’s entire family gathered together for vacation at the beach! If you ever had questions about extended family photo sessions, you’ll want to see this post!

I get asked all the time, especially during fall photo season, about whether I offer sessions for large groups. The answer is definitely “YES!!” I come from a large extended family and Caleb is one of eight siblings, so large families are very familiar to us. While these sessions can be a little intimidating, they are also SO much fun!

The best way to think of an extended family photo session is as a bunch of mini sessions strung together. Unlike a single family session, where I spend an hour or more with just one family, at these sessions I’ll only get about 10-15 minutes with each family unit. I always start with the whole group and then move into smaller combinations, such as grandchildren with grandparents, siblings, and each individual family. Of course, if there are any special combinations that you’d like, I’m always happy to add those in!

The photos below were take on our family vacation to Virginia Beach this summer. Caleb’s parents, all of the eight siblings, and their families (including 12 grandkids) gathered together in one spot for an entire week. We had the best time just hanging out together and ended the week with family photos on the beach!

Here are my favorite images from our extended family photo session!

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