July 1, 2021

Andrea & Dave

Syracuse Engagement Session in Franklin Square

These days its not uncommon to start talking to couples a year or even two years before their wedding. Especially in the era of COVID, brides (and grooms) are reaching out to vendors years in advance. This was the case for Andrea and Dave! I remember my first phone call with them – before we moved to the farm! Well fast forward about two years and I finally met up with these guys. Andrea and Dave chose Franklin Square as the location for their photos and it was the perfect, classic Syracuse engagement session!

I love Franklin Square because of how much variety you can get in just one spot. There’s the fountain, coffee shops, brick buildings with tree-lined streets, and even part of the creek walk! During my time with Andrea and Dave we hit them all! Walking around the area together gave us time to catch up on the last two years and I got to hear all about how their wedding planning is going. After waiting for so long, their wedding is only 6 weeks away!

Many couples may wonder what the point of doing the engagement session is if you’ve already sent out save-the-dates or if you’re that close to the wedding. Well, the truth is there is still a lot of value in meeting up with your photographer before your wedding day! At their session I got to talk casually with Andrea and Dave which means that we’ll all feel comfortable with each other on their big day. We also practiced a LOT of the poses that I’ll use on their wedding day, and found out which poses they love and which ones they don’t! This is going to make their wedding go more smoothly for all of us! (Fun fact: Last year, I shot an engagement session TWO DAYS before the wedding! It was still valuable to the couple and to me!)

Andrea and Dave are so tender with each other and their love really comes through in their photos! I don’t usually choose favorites, but I have to say I love the photos of them on the bridge! It’s not a place that I usually spend a lot of time on, so it was fun to see it with “new eyes” this time around!

Here are my favorite moments from Andrea and Dave’s session!

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