Family Session

August 11, 2021

The Donk Family

Family Session on their Farm

One of the very first weddings that I shot was for Becky and Shawn three years ago! They had their wedding at home on their farm and it was gorgeous! Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Becky asked if I’d be able to come out to their home again and do a family session on their farm. The answer was a quick “YES!”

Becky and Shawn have three of the sweetest children I’ve ever photographed. Big brother Jason was so patient with the little girls during the session and I was blown away with how helpful he was. Sweet Nora and Sailor are full of personality and after they warmed up we were able to capture both of their smiles! I give most of the credit to Shawn, who kept the little ones supplied in fruit snacks and made silly faces behind my back throughout the session. (Shawn, if you ever quit your day job, you could definitely be hired as a photography assistant!)

Becky and Shawn did a great job of preparing their family for this session. Not only were their outfits ADORABLE, but they did all the “right” things when it comes to getting kids to cooperate. First, we picked a time after dinner so that the kids were fed and happy. They were also pretty laid back and allowed the little ones to hold onto toys or run around between shots. This is great for getting the wiggles out! As I mentioned before, they were also SO helpful in getting the kid’s attention while I was photographing. Parents know their kids the best and what their kids find funny and we put it to good use here! Lastly, while I don’t always recommend bribing good behavior, a small packet of fruit snacks can go a loooong way when it comes to a 60 minute session!

One sweet thing about this session was the location. Becky grew up on a cattle farm just down the hill from the house where she and her family now live. Their house was built by her family and looks out over her parent’s farm. The view from the top of their hill is amazing and you can really see for miles!! I loved photographing them in a place that holds so much meaning to them!

Here are my favorites from the Donk’s session!

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