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December 9, 2021

The DeStefano Family

Fayetteville, New York

Today’s post should definitely put us into the holiday spirit! With five of the sweetest kids, beautiful Christmas décor, and a good reason for celebrating this session is one of my favorites to date! Today I’m featuring the DeStefano Family and my favorite images from their session at their new home.

Lenny and Jessie relocated with their family to Syracuse during the pandemic. Lenny grew up in the area and they still have family here. They bought a house earlier this year, right down the road from where he had grown up! Lenny said he hadn’t noticed the house when he was a child, but when it went on the market they knew it was the house for them.

Because of the move, Jessie had a clear vision of what she wanted for this session. She had the house and barn decorated with simple Christmas décor, which I LOVE, and brought a few props related to the move. As a photographer, I love when clients have clear ideas for their photos. Often, those ideas are what give the images a personal touch! One thing Jessie did that was so helpful was tell me exactly what she was envisioning, and then let me give feed back on the lighting and location. This helped ensure that her vision wasn’t ruined by bad lighting choices.

My favorite part of this session was working with all the kids! I have a soft spot in my heart for big families, and these kids were some of the most cooperative that I’ve ever photographed. It was freezing cold out and they never complained! The sisters were TOO CUTE together, and their big brother was the best helper! They truly did an amazing job all around!

I love wrapping up a family photo session by taking a few shots of the parents. Throughout the session we had been talking about the challenges and joys of fixing up an old house. As a fellow old-home owner, these two felt like kindred spirits to me! It was very special to capture a photo of Lenny and Jessie in front of their new home!

Here are my favorite moments from the DeStefano’s session at their new home!

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