Family Session

February 17, 2022

The Nanna Family – Summer Family Session at Green Lakes

Fayetteville, New York

The Nanna Family is back on the blog this week! Over the summer, in the midst of the most hot and humid August we have had in a while, I got together with these guys to photograph their family. Despite the heat we had a blast at their family session at Green Lakes!

It has been a joy watching and documenting this family as they’ve grown over the past few years. This summer session was so much fun because both of their little boys are at a great age for photos. The toddler years are definitely tricky when it comes to getting kids to sit still for a picture, but by embracing the boys’ energy we were able to get a lot of fun candid shots! My best advice for taking photos during this age: let the kids have fun!!! Thankfully Teal and Tom were up for an adventure and didn’t mind letting the boys run around.

Now, since we’re talking about the boys, can we just stop to admire the CUTEST overalls that Teal picked out??? I usually tell families to avoid denim during photos, but goodness, these were the sweetest outfits! Like something out of Huckleberry Finn, they captured the toughness, adventure, and playfulness of the boys completely! (I’ll be honest, after doing this session I’ve been on a hunt for overalls for my little boy, too!)

This year we opted to shoot at Green Lakes. I love Green Lakes for it’s variety of locations, and this was a great night to be in the park. There were very few people and the beach was mostly deserted. Of course, that was probably because it was 90 degrees and intensely humid. These weather conditions were another reason to take it slow and “play” our way down the trail, taking photos as we went. Some of my favorite shots are of the family walking together, Kash playing in the tree, and the boys playing with Tom on the bridge.

We ended the session at the beach where the kids were free to explore. You could see the joy on their faces as they ran as fast as they could over the muddy sand! This was also a good time to take a few quick images of Teal and Tom together. This summer they were awaiting the arrival of their baby girl and it was sweet to get a few maternity images in there too!

Here are my favorite moments from the Nanna’s family session at Green Lakes!

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