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June 21, 2022

Our Family Photos at the Farm

Pennellville, New York

This week, I’m sharing our own family photos at the farm! Some of you saw my Instagram stories a few weeks ago about attempting to take our own family photos… Well these are the result!

If you missed it, this is what happened. Much of our land is used as a hay field, which our neighbor mows for us twice a summer. This year his tractor broke which allowed the hay to grow much longer than usual. I’m talking over four feet tall in some places! When our neighbor mentioned that he was expecting to get the tractor fixed a few weeks ago, I realized that this was probably my only chance for dreamy photos in the field this year!

I made up my mind to take the photos the very next evening. Since I was operating on very short notice, I didn’t buy any special outfits. I used what we already had in our closets! Keeping with a theme of whites, blues, and tans made picking outfits easy!

Once the sun was low enough in the sky we headed outside. I had the girls and I wear rain boots to help prevent ticks. It is SO IMPORTANT to check for ticks after any photo session – regardless of the location! My only regret is that you can definitely see the boots in some of the photos. Next time I would probably just do a thorough tick-check afterwards instead. Oh well!

I’m in love with how these photos turned out! Here are my favorite moments from our family photos at the farm!

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