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July 18, 2022

Charlotte & Joey – Baptism at St. Patrick’s Church

Oneida, New York

Those who know me know that I love a good tradition. In fact, I must talk about tradition a lot because my kids have started to ask, “Can this be a new tradition?” any time we do something fun! This session takes tradition to the next level with a joint baptism spanning multiple generations. Charlotte and Joey’s baptism at St. Patrick’s Church in Oneida was such a privilege for me to photograph!

This was an important day for this family. They have long-standing roots in Oneida and have seen four generations be baptized at St. Patrick’s! Before the ceremony began, Fr. Chris showed them the church’s baptism records and they were able to find all of their own baptisms listed. It was special to witness Charlotte and Joey get baptized, knowing that their names would soon be added to those records!

The ceremony itself went so smoothly, even with two little ones involved! Both babies were so calm and unfazed by having oil and water placed on their heads. Afterwards we made sure to get some family photos while everyone was together. Even though Charlotte and Joey won’t remember this day, I’m so glad they’ll have lots of photos to look back on!

Here are my favorite moments from Charlotte and Joey’s baptism at St. Patrick’s Church!

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