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August 3, 2022

The Smith Family – Extended Family Session in Franklin Square

Syracuse, New York

Friends, I just LOVE photographing extended family session! I love getting to see multiple generations and families spending quality time together! The Smith Family decided to do an extended family session in Franklin Square while their kids were in town and I am so glad they did!

Sandy and Tim raised their two girls, Sarah and Stephanie, right here in Syracuse. Now their girls are older and living in other parts of the country, but since the whole family would be in town for a week this summer, they decided to capitalize on the opportunity.

We did their photos in Franklin Square, which is great for large groups because there is so much variety. Of course, the area by the fountain is classic for photos, but I also love the flower gardens and brick buildings surrounding the park.

We started the session with group photos and then moved into individual families. Sarah’s two boys were precious and cooperated so well! They gave the cutest hugs to their parents and grandparents!

The most exciting part of the session came during the photos of Stephanie and her boyfriend, Wade. We had just finished some shots of the two of them together when Wade said he had one more photo to take. Taking Stephanie’s hand, he got down on one knee and proposed!!! Everyone was so excited and surprised! It completely made my day!

Here are my favorite moments from the Smith’s extended family session in Franklin Square!

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