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April 11, 2023

Kameron – Newborn Session

Baldwinsville, New York

Katarina and Suhayb welcomed their sweet son, Kameron, just a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to capture this time for them. Kameron was the sweetest, most alert baby!

One thing that made this session special is that we were able to take the photos in their new home. And when I say new, I mean that the builders were still putting the finishing touches on! Katarina and Suhayb had just moved in, which meant that there was a lot of great spaces to photograph in. Truth be told, there’s not much that can beat a white wall for photos! Add to the fact that there was minimal furniture, no clutter, and tons of natural light and it was a photographer’s dream!

Baby Kameron did AMAZING for this session. He was awake for the entire hour that I was with them, which is very impressive for a two-week old. Not only that, he didn’t fuss at all! In fact, he was calm and happy for the entire thing! We laid him out on a bed to get some individual shots and he calmly looked right at the camera. Those are some of my favorite images from this session!

I also love the ones of the everyone on the bed. With the furniture being minimal, the photos really allow the people to be the focus of each image. There are some great, unstaged shots that I absolutely love.

Here are all my favorites from Kameron’s newborn session!

  1. EMMA LIPORACE says:

    A beautiful happy family that shines in every photo.

  2. Sullafa says:

    Love these photos and this family! Enjoyed reading your blog post as well! Thank you for capturing these moments.

  3. Joyce Volino says:

    Simply beautiful. Less IS more!

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